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Release time: Sep 8, 2018

Striving for Great Progress in Innovation and Development of Guangzhou Service Trade

As the capital of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou is a National Famous City with Rich Historical and Cultural Heritage, an important National Center City, an International Trade Center and an International Comprehensive Transport Hub. It also has been approved as National Pilot City for Service Trade Innovation and Development, and China Service Outsourcing Demonstration City.

In recent years, Guangzhou has achieved rapid growth in service trade. Service trade has become an important support in promoting supply-side structural reform, implementing the innovation-driven strategy and establishing a new development system of open economy with high quality. In 2017, the service trade of Guangzhou had gained rapid growth with its import& export service trade increasing 20% over the same period of last year. It has played an important role in optimizing the foreign trade structure with its proportion reached over 24%. Trade liberalization among Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao has been developed steadily. The volume of service trade among Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao accounted for almost 30% of the total. Breakthrough progress have been made in areas such as travel, financial service, legal service, transport service, culture and sports service, health care, culture, etc.

——Actively Building Service Trade Innovation Mechanism. Consisting of 36 departments, Service Trade Pilot Work Leader Group has been established with the mayor as the group leader and the deputy mayor as the vice group leader. The service trade pilot work has been included as the key work of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Guangzhou has increased its financial support and continuously improved its service trade development policy system in areas such as industry agglomeration, key areas’ development, customs clearance and personnel security. Measures have been taken to explore the statistics innovation in service trade and develop a statistical system which involving cross-border income and expenditure, overseas consumption, commercial existence and the flow of natural person.

——Strongly Cultivating Service Trade Market Entities. Owing to the high-end platforms such as Guangzhou Fortune Global Forum and Guangzhou Annual Investment Conference, High-end project of modern service industry has clustered in Guangzhou. Attention has been paid to speed up the development of local enterprises and identify a batch of service trade demonstration zone, demonstration bases, demonstration enterprises and key cultivating enterprises. Emphasis has been laid on supporting the development of the industry association, establishing Guangzhou Service Trade Expert Committee, building “Guangzhou Business Credit Platform” and “Internet Plus Creditable Service” enterprise credit system.

——Facilitating Service Trade by System Innovation. Customs Clearance facilitating platforms such as “Internet Plus Customs” and “Intelligent Inspection Port” have been built. Guangzhou has taken the lead in including service trade in the “Single Window”management platform construction. The regulation mode innovation of exhibition customs clearance, long-distance entrusting of the aircraft finance leasing and the import and export customs clearance of the biological materials have been accomplished. The Customs Clearance facilitation level of cross-border E-Commerce, shipping, repair processing services has been enhancing.

——Speeding up the Development of Service Trade by New Business Type and Pattern. New breakthrough has been made in the legal service. The first firm that formed by a Hong Kong or Macao law firm with a Mainland Law firm in the form of partnership outside the national free trade zone was opened in Tianhe district of Guangzhou. Cultural exhibition resources have been integrated to create “Guangzhou Cultural Fair”. Documentary program international pre-sale financing mode was initially created in the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival. Guangzhou Nansha district has taken the lead in realizing the first voyage of the Hong Kong –Macao yacht. China Southern Airlines and GentingGroup have pioneered the new model of “Air Ticket Plus Cruise Plus Tourism” in Asia. The Guangzhou Marathon has become the first international marathon that selecting partner by listing on the property exchange platform.

In the future, along with higher development goals, Guangzhou will have more innovation resources, new industrial system, stronger hub functions, better business environment, greater openness and better urban quality. We welcome domestic and foreign investors to increase investment and seek better development by seizing the opportunity period of Guangzhou service trade to achieve development with high quality.