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Preferential Policies for Convention & Exhibition Industry

Release time: Sep 26, 2018


The Guangzhou Cooperation Office, the Guangzhou Industrial & Commercial Administration Bureau and the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangzhou Municipality jointly promulgated the Opinions on Strengthening Exhibition Management of Guangzhou in order to effectively integrate Guangzhou's exhibition resources; optimize exhibition environments, standardize the orders for exhibition, coordinate the exhibition work of Guangzhou; and boost the harmonious development of the economy and society. The Opinions went into effect on August 6, 2005.

According to the Opinions, leadership shall be further strengthened and it has been deemed necessary to establish and improve Guangzhou's exhibition management system. The Guangzhou Municipal Exhibition Industry Management Leadership Group acts as the administrative department of the exhibition industry to take charge of the organization, planning, instruction and coordination of the development of the exhibition industry in Guangzhou. The Office of Guangzhou Municipal Exhibition Industry Managernent Leadership Group (hereinafter referred to as the Office) based in the Guangzhou Cooperation Office assumes responsibility for routine work, especially that of implementation the leadership groups decisions, and research, coordination and trouble-shooting to resolve the various problems that arise in the developrnent of exhibition industry. The Office provides "one-stop" services by organizing special functional departments to accept and review the regular businesses of the exhibition industry. The Office also supervises the implernentation of relevant policies on the exhibition industry, proposes suggestions for the adjustment of polices over time and contacts other domestic or foreign administration departments of the exhibition industry.

It is necessary to make plans for the exhibition industry of Guangzhou to steer the orientation of the exhibition industry's development. Great effort should be made to integrate the development of the exhibition industry in the overall planning of Guangzhou's economic and social development, and identify strategic goals, guidelines, basic principles, development focuses and policies, while guiding the sound and orderly development of Guangzhou's exhibition industry.

It is necessary to establish the complete standards and criteria of the exhibition industry. The Guangzhou Municipal Exhibition Industry Association is in charge of the establishment of standards and criteria of the exhibition industry, the managernent of the exhibition market, the improvernent of the exhibition markets transparency, the prevention of unfair competition and the protection of members' legal rights and interests. The association also makes great efforts to standardize advanced scientific management methods and operation patterns, enhance technologies used in the exhibition industry, and organize various domestic and overseas cooperation and exchange activities. In addition, the association also requires all enterprises to stricuy and voluntarily restrain themselves to faithfully hold the exhibitions under relevant regulations and laws. Based on the existing situation of Guangzhou's exhibition industry, the association has worked out the Standards for Classification and Assessment of Specialty Exhibitions in Guangzhou and the Criteria for Exhibition Industry of Guangzhou in order to establish the faithful and self-disciplined margin system and other systems .

The Opinions indicate it is necessary to establish the application, review and registration system to standardize the exhibitions and avoid repeating exhibitions.

1. The declaration should be made prior to any trade fairs in Guangzhou. The declaration should include the name, contents, size, time, location, source of funds, sponsor, organizer, operator, intellectual property right protection measures, security rnanagernent plans and methodology of the exhibition.

2. Where the declaration is not made under the requirements in time, or it is found that the name or contents of trade fair are identical with other trade fairs, the funds can't be raised in time, the relationship between sponsor and organizer are unclear or the security management measures can' t be put into effect after the declaration is made, the trade fair plan shall be amended and another declaration shall be made once again within a time limit. The units that severely violate the regulations will be put on the blacklist.

3. The organizers of exhibition should avoid holding exhibitions with identical or similar names and contents within a three-month period. If any other exhibitions coincide with imporatnt or brand exhibitions in terms of content, name or time, the association should strive to guarantee the participants' legal rights and interests.

4. Any exhibition of which the venue covers an area of more than l,000 square meters should be approved by relevant authorities and registered with the Office.

5. Where any organizer holds exhibitions in Guangzhou, the organizer shall submit applications to the public security departments in advance and carry out the security measures under the instruction of public security departments. A monitoring system should be installed in the venue of the exhibition under the relevant requirements of the Guangzhou government. The organizer should complete and submit the evacuation plan to relevant authorities. Additionally, the management of the exhibition venue should be intensified according to relevant fire fighting regulations on emergency exits, building materials and use of fire and electricity. The direction signs and indication boards should be prepared, and the parking lots should be designated in advance.

The Opinions also emphasize the protection of intellectual property rights. Relevant authorities of intellectual property right should substantially fulfill the duties, strengthen the instruction and supervision of intellectual property right protection in the exhibitions and punish the persons who infringe on the intellectual property rights. The organizer of the exhibition should protect intellectual property rights, and, during the preparation period, the organizer should review all items and products concerned with intellectual property rights. Where any products related to the intellectual property rights are displayed on the exhibitions, the organizer should notify the participants that they must present the patent certificate, certification for legal status , trademark registration certificate, copyright registration certificate and other relevant certifications, intellectual property right owners certificate of identity or power of attorney, as well as other documents. It is necessary to set up the complaint office to deal with the complaints related to the infringement of any intellectual property rights in order to protect the intellectual property rights of the exhibition.

Meanwhile, great efforts should be made to improve the planning of exhibition venues and ensure the scientific construction of venues. The construction of exhibition venues should be in line with the general land use plans and the general urban plan of Guangzhou.The construction's investors should follow the relevant application procedures of the Development and Reform Commission of Guangzhou Municipality and the Bureau of Urban Planning of Guangzhou Municipality and submit a report to the Office.