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Mission Statement

Release time: Sep 12, 2018


According to the functional transformation and institutional reform plan of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government approved by the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the provincial government, Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce (herein after referred to as GMCC) is established as a department of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. GMCC undertakes to :

I. Implement the national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, policies and measures concerning commerce, as well as draftand implement local legislations and regulations.

II. Formulate and implement general strategies and plans of the city’s business development; draft and implement policies andmeasures concerning domestic and foreign trade development, market system establishment and investment; accelerate the establishment of modernized market system and commercial service platform; enhance the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade and optimize the layout and structure of commercial circulation. 

III. Monitor and analyze Guangzhou’s import and export, business circulation and foreign investment so as to provide forecast, early warning and informational guidance; research on domestic and foreign trade,modernized distribution and Guangzhou’s commercial trend so as to take regulative measures; perform overall coordination on major issues pertinent to business development, and propose policy suggestions accordingly. 

IV. Lead the drafting of policies on improving and regulating the market; to establish apublic service platform of market credit so as to promote the establishment of commercial credibility; supervise the plan of bulk commodity wholesale market and business network and the establishment of business system; promote the reform of business circulation system, and facilitate circulation standardization.

V. Coordinate the rectification and regulation of market economic order; draft and implement policies and measures of regulating market operation and circulation; carry out comprehensive administrative enforcementin the areas of commerce and trade; regulate such industries as salt, commercial franchising and single-use commercial prepaid card, etc.; guide and coordinate comprehensive administrative law enforcement on commerce and trade at the district-level.

VI. Draft and implement development plans, policies and measures for industries of convention and exhibition, e-commerce and commercial services, etc.; promote the development of modern distribution formats like chain operation, commercial franchising and logistics, etc.; promote the transformation of trade growth patterns, guide and coordinate the establishment of trade promotion system, and enhance construction of e-commercial service system and platform; promote the development of SMEs and international brands, provide guidance on structural adjustment of trade in commodities.

VII. Facilitate the development of circulation industry, and monitor industries such as auction, pawn, lease, flea circulation, auto distribution, etc.; draft strategies and policies on drug distribution, as well as supervise and promote pharmaceutical distribution industry; make and implement strategies and promotional policies on the recycling of renewable resources, and supervise and regulate recycling of the renewable resources.

VIII. Draft and implement policies and measures for optimizing the import-exportstructure of mechanic and high-tech products; implement the strategies of developing trade through science and technology; be tasked to exam and report thework relating to automatic licensing for imported mechanical and electricalproducts and those products managed by the National Import and Export Office of Mechanical and Electrical Products; monitor and coordinate international biddingon mechanic and electronic products.

IX.Coordinate the operation of economic and technological development zones and customs special supervision regions (bonded area, bonded logistics zone, export processing zone, complex bonded area, bonded port area, etc.), and promote the optimizationof customs clearance environment; study and review  the situation of the economic and technological development zones and analyze core issues in their developments;push forward the work concerning free trade zone.

X. Lead the work of drafting development plans for trade in services, and team up with relevant departments to formulate plans and policies for stimulating trade in services and service outsourcing; guide  the opening up of trade in services; facilitate the import and export of technology and intellectual property rights, and the construction of service outsourcing platforms; take charge of the statistical work on international trade in services.    

XI.Guide the efforts in foreign investment, drawup and enforce foreign investment policies and reform schemes;  manage issues relating to foreign-invested enterprises and projects, engage in the settlement and service of major foreign investment projects; enforce and investigate the compliance of law by foreign-invested enterprises, and provide guidance in solving their keyproblems.

XII. Draft and implement plans for foreign investment promotion; undertake and follow-up the promotion of major investment projects,  guide the work of overseas-based investment promotion institutions; coordinate and provide guidance to the work of foreign investment promotion in Guangzhou; take part in making the plans of promoting investment as well as policies and measures for improving investment environment.

XIII. Be responsible for outward investment and economic cooperation, draft and implement policies and administrative measures in this domain; manage, monitor and provide assistance to outward investment, overseas project contracting and labor service cooperation; guide the exploration of overseas market and regulate the business order of overseas-invested companies;undertake to protect the rights and interests of Chinese citizens providing labor services or taking up jobs overseas. 

XIV. Draft and implement business exchange plans of Guangzhou; coordinate the work of important municipal business foreign affairs; guide the work of foreign affairs and international exchanges in the areas of commerce and trade; liaise with consulates general andother institutions based in Guangzhou on external economic affairs; under theauthority, in charge of the approval and administration of Guangzhou-base drepresentative offices of non-enterprise economic organizations from foreign countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

XV. Coordinate theanti-dumping, anti-subsidy, anti-monopoly, safeguard measures and other workwith regard to the fair trade mechanism for import and export; coordinate the specific work related to WTO; organize the industrial damage investigations and other trade remedy measures, supervise and coordinate the contestation and other related work of Guangzhou’s exports against foreign anti-dumping,anti-subsidy and safeguard measures; conduct investigation into concentration of undertakings and other work concerning anti-monopoly.

XVI.  Undertake other assignments as may be entrusted  by the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Municipal People’s Government.

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Mission Statement