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LIU Chenhui

Release time: Jun 27, 2019


Secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce Party Leadership Group, Director General. 

He leads the overall party and administrative work.

Introduction: LIU Chenhui, member of Communist Party of China (CPC), graduated from Party School of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPC with a major in economic management. Previously served as: Deputy Secretary, later Secretary of Chinese Communist Youth League Committee (CCYL Committee) of Fangcun District; Secretary of CCYL Committee of Liwan District; Deputy Secretary  of Party Committee, Director of Hailong Sub-District Office, Liwan District; Secretary of Party Committee of Hailong Sub-District, Liwan District; member of Standing Party Committee and Director of United Front Work Department, Liwan District; member of Standing Party Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Liwan District, Deputy Secretary of Liwan District Party Committee, concurrently,Secretary and Director of Liwan District Baietan Management Committee. 

Mr. LIU  took the current position in January 2019.

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