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Guangdong holds business partnering event, targeting Southeast Asia

Release time: Sep 30, 2019


An international business roadshow with the theme of ‘Explore Southeast Asia, Get the Financial Support to Go Global’ was held on the lawn in front of the library of Jinan University on September 27th. The event attracted more than 300 representatives from the Southeast Asian consulates in both Guangzhou and Nanning, Southeast Asian Chambers of Commerce as well as the Guangdong Government and domestic enterprises. The event was also attended by investment experts and Southeast Asian trade experts.


Ouyang Weimin, Vice Governor of Guangdong paid a keynote speech. He suggested Guangdong and Southeast Asian countries should seize the opportunities presented by the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, and further communication, trade cooperation and cooperation between enterprises.


Marshall Louis Alferez, Consul General of Philippines in Guangzhou addressed the event. He said, “China has become one of the biggest trade partners with ASEAN, and Guangdong is one of the most active partners which represents 25 percent of the trade between AEAN and China. ”


The event also included an opening ceremony of the Canton Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar, and a free exchange session which allowed participants to talk with their potential business partners.


The trade volume between Guangdong and ASEAN countries reached 953.4 billion RMB (up 9.9 percent) in 2018, and hit 524.9 billion RMB from January to July in 2019. A batch of Guangdong enterprises including Huawei, TCL and Midea have entered Southeast Asian markets and contributed to local development.