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Comic & Game Festival highlights the combination of anime, games and Chinese traditional culture

Release time: Nov 8, 2021


On October 31, the 14thChinese International Comics Festival (CICF), in collaboration with the Asia Game Festival (AGF), came to a close in Guangzhou.

A number of experts and professionals were invited to share their views on the development of the domestic animation and game industry, and the rise of Chinese original intellectual properties.

CICF and AGF were listed as key projects of《Guangdong Province Action Plan for Cultivating Emerging Industrial Clusters of Digital Creation (2020-2025)》 at the end of last year. As projects aimed at extending the in-depth cooperation with international markets, both events serve to provide meaningful guidance for cultural industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and have built a platform for youth to learn Chinese traditional culture.

The executive chairman of the Guangdong Entertainment & Game Industry Association, Lu Xiaokun revealed that “The revenue of the Guangdong game industry, which plays an important role in the domestic and even the global field of game development, surpassed 110 billion RMB in the first half of 2021, a more-than-10% increase comparing to last year, and it accounted for 76% nationwide share.”

Lu added that "The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has numerous unique advantages when it comes to developing online games, such as the industrial foundation of Guangzhou, its capability of innovation, and policy environment."

With a history of more than a decade, the CICF has gathered more than 2000 domestic and international exhibitors in total and boosted 60-billion-yuan worth trade within the industry. The theme of the CICF this year highlighted the combination of anime, games and Chinese traditional culture. This event attracted nearly 40 renowned brands ranging from anime, games to models and art toys, and showcased more than 500 anime & game- related products.